Sunset palette - Black, orange, pink, purple, blue, gray Sunset over the Orange River - Northern Cape - South Africa

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Guianian Cock of the Rock Wild About Birds Nature Center in Layton, Utah sells everything to do with your #BackyardBirds and also offer tours on the Deseret Ranch, which is home to over 100 species of #birds! For more information, go to or call 801-779-BIRD.

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Census Bureau map of South Orange, New Jersey

Built -in shelving for sun room

Colorful birds - Orange-backed Troupial bird - It is found in Guyana, Brazil, Paraguay and eastern Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

Scarlet Minivet This striking bird is a female Scarlet minivet, scientifically named Pericrocotus flammeus (Passeriformes - Campephagidae). Minivets are conspicuous and mostly intensely colourful birds inhabiting wooded environments in tropical and subtropical South and Southeast Asia and temperate East Asia. This species has geographical variation complex and inadequately described, with many intermediate populations in SE Asia. Typically males of the Scarlet minivet are scarlet to orange…

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