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Humanity driving 'unprecedented' marine extinction

Report comparing past mass extinction events warns that hunting and killing of ocean’s largest species will disrupt ecosystems for millions of years. Photo A dead Southern bluefin tuna caught in a tuna pen

Sydney Angler Lands Monster Southern Bluefin Tuna


The southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii) is one of the largest bony fish in the world. The incredibly streamlined and powerful body is deepest near the middle of the first dorsal fin and tapers...


900-pound bluefin tuna and a friend #seewhatsoutthere


Yellowfin tuna are usually found in schools, and they tend to follow pods of dolphins or whales, as well as boats (which makes them a prime candidate for the commercial fishing industry). Description from I searched for this on


Southern Bluefin Tuna Trinket Box $29.99


The onset of industrial fishing in the 1950s, in conjunction with ever improving technologies such as GPS, fishfinders, satellite imagery, etc., and the knowledge of migration routes, has led to the exploitation of southern bluefin tuna across its entire range. Improved refrigeration techniques and a demanding global market saw global SBT catch plummet from 80,000 tonnes a year during the 1960s to 40,000 tonnes a year by 1980.[3] Australian catch peaked in 1982 at 21,500 tonnes, and the…


Breeding Wild Southern Bluefin Tuna - Australia with Simon Reeve - BBC