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8 Days to Go: Exporting Southernality

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Slow-Cooker Red Beans and Rice - Quick-Fix Rice Suppers

In the South, hospitality comes through. You want everyone to feel like they're part of your family. - Patrick Wilson

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Secrets to Southern Charm

My dad just taught me this, what to put in his dish...Southern Charm Tip #79: Return the Favor

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Preparing for Overnight Guests

My Mother in Law taught me this. She never said anything but when you stay at her house this is what you get. Almost all of it!

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...just watch out when we say, "Well, bless your heart!" There are daggers hidden in them words, lololol!

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Complex southern personalities.-The next pin I chose was ‘I’m from the south darling’… I will bless your heart and slap the mess out of you… and then bring you a casserole.” I thought this pin would be appropriate to show how southern culture is complex yet warm and simple.

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