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Tatlin's Tower. Vladimir Tatlin was a Russian & Soviet painter and architect. With Kazimir Malevich he was one of the two most important figures in the Russian avant-garde art movement of the 1920s, and he later became an important artist in the Constructivist movement. He is most famous for his design for The Monument to the Third International, more commonly known as Tatlin's Tower, which he began in 1919.

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честь и слава героическому рабочему классу. колхозному крестьянству и народной интеллигенции! Honra e glória para a heroica classe trabalhadora. O campesinato e os intelectuais do povo!

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Cold War paranoia and a huge technological leap. This poster is meant to look like a vintage poster for the Soviet Union's Sputnik space satellite.

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The convergence of vintage design and propaganda is a thing of beauty and power, be it in science or in politics. Ben Perry’s massive collection of 20th-century Soviet and Russian propaganda, advertising, and art posters, created between 1917 and 1991, offers a beautiful perspective on mid-century design and the modernist aesthetic from the other side of the Iron Curtain.

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