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Last week I shared my love for luxury spa facials, and the amazing results they yield for your skin and well being. But not everybody has the ability to treat...

skin s.p.a. Tip: Combat Dry Winter Skin | Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! | You may have found that your BC Spa Facial Defend & Restore Moisture Lotion works just fine in spring and summer. But as weather conditions change, so, too, should your skin care routine. Taking the skin s.p.a. quiz will help you find the right moisturizer for you this winter. | Contact your Consultant and ask for Skin Sensors® to take skin s.p.a.

Facial! Luxury Med Spa in Farmington Hills, MI is a GREAT place to pamper yourself! Call (248) 855-0900 to schedule an appointment or visit our website for more information!

Why You Should Get A Facial ASAP

This post follows up on some subjects I already mentioned in this blog, (like Why Visit An Esthetician and Quit Bashing Estheticians) but here I'll focus on why you should get a professional facial...

spa facials...use organic herbal tea bags for eyes...chamomile for soothing...peppermint for refreshing!