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Spa Menu ~ how do clients know the difference between each type of facial? They all almost sound the same...


Your spa services menu can be your biggest selling tool. If it's put together correctly it can bring you more revenue. These are a few ways you can be sure your services menu is a success. Don’t draw attention to prices. If prices are in a column, it will result in price shopping. Try staggering the prices three spaces from the last letter of the menu description. Limit the use of dots or dashes to keep the customer's attention on the service instead of the price. Keep it simple. It's


Having a simple card (I hate the design of this one) with names of treatments and pricing would be a nice addition.

What is Shiatsu?

A powerfully synergistic relaxation ceremony designed by a naturopathic physician and offered no where else on Earth but Miraval. The ceremony combines the shamanic drumming of Native Americans, acupuncture, Reiki and Reflexology to induce a profoundly calm and deeply relaxed state of both mind and body. Sounds like something that would benefit the entire human race!