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Every Known Piece Of Space Debris Orbiting The Earth

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Space Debris Space debris is a gathering of objects orbiting around the earth. Some of the sources of space clutter include dead spacecraft, boosters, lost equipment and testing of anti-satellite weapons. Space junk is a threat to new spacecraft as they exist in the orbit. Space debris is hazardous because it remains a threat to both manned and unmanned spacecraft and it is also a major threat to the earth since some of it may reach ground through the atmosphere.

Space Debris 1957 - 2016 | Watch this Space - Episode 5

space-debris-1 Space junk, space debris, space waste — call it what you want, but just as junk and waste cause problems here on Earth, in space spent booster stages, nuts and bolts from ISS construction, various accidental discards such as spacesuit gloves and cameras, and fragments from exploded spacecraft could turn into a serious problem for the future of spaceflight if actions to mitigate the threat are not taken now.

A giant Pac-Man to gobble up space debris - The Clean Space One Project has passed a milestone. The space cleanup satellite will deploy a conical net to capture the small SwissCube satellite before destroying it in the atmosphere. It’s one of the solutions being tested for eliminating dangerous debris orbiting the Earth.

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Space debris orbiting Earth to be targeted with giant lasers

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'Urgent need' to remove space debris

There is an urgent need to remove orbiting space debris and to fly satellites in the future without creating new fragments, Europe’s largest-ever space-debris conference announced today.