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New business card design for 2014 conventions! Will be at B11 in the Comic Market at Anime North with ameru!

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Auditioned to become T3N5 backup singers, but unfortunately, headgear caused persistent digital distortion.

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Kinga Rajzak photographed by Tim Walker for British Vogue in 2009.

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Peering out of the steamy glass, she sighed contentedly at the star splattered sky outside. If only she could be sitting on a grassy hill, outside, instead of in a space shuttle with second hand parts.

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With the Space Race at the forefront of pop culture of the era, designers drew influence from the event, creating metallic astrological versions of futuristic costume.

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Steve the spec analyser has packed up again, and jojo is trying to skywaved his wife again and its messing with the signals

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