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A Scientifically Proven Technique That Can Make Your Learning 50% Easier

Spaced Repetition - A Scientifically Proven Learning Technique That Can Make You 50% More Efficient

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Spaced repetition: a hack to make your brain store information

Using spaced repetition as a study technique is effective because you are deliberately hacking the way your brain works

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Lion love

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This picture represents repetition in the Principles of Design. Although the design is simple, the picture appears complex because of the exact similarity and precise positions of the lights. The lights seem as if they go on forever and ever.

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Counting Hearts Emergent Reader

Counting Hearts, is a great book to add to your winter unit, Valentine's unit, or to read just for fun! The sight words included are: I and see and number words 1-10. This reader is perfect for your beginning readers! There are simple, repetitive sentences with ample spacing between words. The kids will love coloring the pictures and learning how to read!

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Color, space, repetition: fabric collage by Janet Silver (upper left), digital editing by Robin Urton

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Beautiful results from basic painting techniques. Something a range of ages/skills could work on together.

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@balancedlitdiet ---> "Poem of the Week" engages students in rhyming, word recognition, and concepts of print with these cute poems!

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ASS2: Rhythm: a) The use of lines and the repetition of the beams make my eyes continuously follow down the centre towards the end of the beams. I think the use of rhythm is used successfully in the image because of the you view the image as well as the proper use of principles and elements. photographer: Raed Yahya Al-Banna

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