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Elvis Presley - Spanish Eyes Boiko, obi4 moia, ne sam ot tezi koito licemerno ti mal4at za da ti praviat mili o4i i samo da te svaliat ,, kazvam si kakvoto ima i kakvoto me boli, ti sam kazva6 4e si pada6 po luksoznite dami na priemlivi ceni ,,pove4e ne komentiram

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Ser vs Estar Comparison Spanish Poster *CUSTOMIZABLE

This eye-catching poster clarifies the differences between the uses of the Spanish verbs Ser and Estar, which both mean "to be."The poster is very handy for those teachable moments when you need to explain different usages of the verbs. It contains the mnemonics DOCTOR and PLACE, the present tense conjugation of both verbs, and the classic quotation by Guillermo Shakespeare "Ser o no ser, eso es la cueston."The PDF is poster sized and made to be printed at 24" x 36".


There were frequent lapses in his demeanor, if one were to pay attention to the details. His eyes would fix on a point far beyond everything, far beyond /anything/. In these moments, he was neither here nor there—a coping strategy he had yet to obliterate from his system.


SECRET SWORD HIDDEN IN 'SNAKE' NECKLACE. The Silver handle is made in the form of the forward section of the body and head of a poisonous snake with the eye inserts created from pink glass. In the lower part of the handle is the lock spring, which fixes the blade in the scabbard. Silver scabbards are prepared in the form of the snake.