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How to Say Hello in Different Languages

Learn how to say hello in different languages! Learning a new language can be a lot of fun. If you would like to see more of these, let us know.


Hello! Hola!I use these labels at the beginning of the school year to help out my Spanish and English speaking students. . Students would help me label the classroom and repeat every word in Spanish and English. This is good for bilingual classrooms and Dual language.

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Color Words Book (Interactive Notebook Addition) BUNDLE-English/Spanish Versions

Hello,This booklet includes a cover page and 10 activity worksheets for the colors: red, blue, pink, yellow, brown, white, black, orange, blue, green.Each page the students : Trace, Write, Build, and Color the word.It can be stapled into a booklet or added to an interactive notebook.**The Spanish Version is included in this bundle**English or Spanish versions available in my store.A SAVINGS of 25%!Thanks,Learning and GrowingCommon Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy ...


Bingo in the World Language Classroom

Bingo in the World Language Classroom. Ideas for using this classic game for reading, listening, and writing activities.


Pocoyo Playground: transmedia curriculum for 3 to 5-year-olds acquiring both English & Spanish #duallanguage … #ELL


A Pirate Ship Cake for Marc!

Hello everyone! {Spanish Here} Today's recipe was an improvised one. My little cousin Marc was turning five and, not having much time and all I was thinking of making some dinosaur cookies for his party and a normal chocolate cake. But it all changed with a phone call. My uncle (Marc's daddy) was preparing a Pirate-themed party and I quickly realized that my dinosaur cookies would be very out of place.  But then I began thinking and browsing Pinterest. I could do some pirate and…

Learn how to say common greetings in Spanish (hellos and goodbyes). Tap or click on the comic to listen to each scene and then review more Spanish vocabulary and expressions Listen to the correct pronunciation, learn a few sample sentences using the vocabulary. Print out the vocabulary.

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Spanish activities - Printable Find the Differences pictures to practice vocabulary

With these free printable pictures, kids find the differences and practice common Spanish words. These Spanish activities, Encuentra las diferencias, are from Minihogar Kids, the children’s section of El Minihogar. The puzzles are designed for native-speakers, so the solutions are in Spanish. Kids can use the words as they look for differences and then see the written Spanish words when they check their answers. There are three Hello Kitty scenes and two scenes with the Simpsons. Children do…