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The planned invasion of England by The Spanish during the 16th century.

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Alexander Farnese, Duke of Parma, 1545-1592

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Des cartes satiriques à travers l’histoire

This map depicts The Netherlands and Belgium as a lion. At the time this was created, in 1617, the two counties were united as one nation, although the Spanish Empire ruled the area.

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Queen Marie Louise of Orleans, Queen of Charles II of Spain

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A portrait of William Of Orange. By Adriaen Thomasz Key, 1580. Also widely known as William the Silent, main leader of the Dutch revolt against the Spanish that resulted in the formal independence of the United Provinces in 1648. Born in the House of Nassau as Count of Nassau-Dillenburg, became Prince of Orange in 1544.Founder of the branch House of Orange-Nassau, ancestor of the monarchy of the Netherlands.

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Infanta Catalina Michaela Catalina Micaela de Austria, duquesa de Saboya Author: Sanchez coello, Alonso Date: c1585 Prado museum, Madrid, Spain

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Map of the Low Countries 1556-1648

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Frans Pourbus the Younger, detail of the full length portrait in the Royal Collection - Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain (1566–1633), Archduchess of Austria - ruled the Spanish Netherlands in the Low Countries, and the north of modern France, together with her husband Albert, whom she married at the age 33.

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' Spanjaardsgat ' in Breda uit de 80 jarige oorlog Maurits met ' zijn turfschip '!

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