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Learn how to say common greetings in Spanish (hellos and goodbyes). Tap or click on the comic to listen to each scene and then review more Spanish vocabulary and expressions Listen to the correct pronunciation, learn a few sample sentences using the vocabulary. Print out the vocabulary.

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Being white, and a minority, in Georgia

A billboard displayed the Spanish word for hello as seen along Buford Highway.

Hello! Hola!I use these labels at the beginning of the school year to help out my Spanish and English speaking students. . Students would help me label the classroom and repeat every word in Spanish and English. This is good for bilingual classrooms and Dual language.

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Spain Doodle landmarks.Vector famous architectural symbols,cityscape,hand drawn travel sketch.Vacation icon,sign,Spanish historical monument,lettering.The Spanish word for Hello, Palace Online textbook with multiple images for storytelling... Online tutors available also

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Spanish jokes for kids, chistes para niños. Visual joke about Spanish words: hola, ola. #learn #spanish

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Thanks @Nani Korneliusfor pinning this perfect greeting. I wonder if I can find this somewhere for my restaurant?

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Frys First 400 Sight Word Assessment Cards and Data Collection Sheets

This packet was created to assess a student's proficiency with Fry's first 400 sight words! Easy to print and use. Only 99 cents at TPT! The first four hundred Fry's s...

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I love this synonym flower! I saw it on the Small World blog, and she found it on Hello Literacy's pinterest board. Put "Instead of _____, use _____! in the middle.

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