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Oh gosh spark.....why u do dis to me........I'm on team mystic, and my favorite team leader is spark......

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Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier/Scottie, Scottish Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Grantville, Pennsylvania - Sparky

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NO SPOILERS Sherlock Season 4

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Community Post: 10 Things We Can All Learn From "Avatar's" Sokka

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Roy Mustang is Sparky Sparky BoomBoom man. - Fullmetal Alchemist and Avatar the last airbender crossover

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♥ Baggy Bulldogs ♥

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Avatar the Last Airbender Guess Who! Excuse me I think sparky sparky boom man is pretty stable

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Supergirl 1x18 This crossover was epic, I love Flash

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*trying not to buckle over laughing* And yes, I am spamming pinterest with Avatar photos. :) (no regrets whatsoever)

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