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As Spartan women bade farewell to their male loved ones going off to battle, they would say "return with your shield, or on it."

from Kelly Barnhill

Butt-Kicking Princesses in History: Arachidamia of Sparta

from Wattpad

Six Too Love - Chapter 35 Truth Is...

Except this statement is wrong. The veil that Middle Eastern wear, for example, is from Sumer. Blame the onset of Agriculture. Women had to stay home and care for children while Men could go out and do politics. Over time, a great divide occurs. There are some cultures that did not follow the patriarchal system as seen in Mongols or Vikings, and even Spartan women had many rights in comparison to Athens Women. -Moon Water-


Women had much more freedom and a larger role in society compared to other city-states. Woman were expected to stay fit and healthy. That was so when they got pregnant, there kids would be healthy. Spartan women had to be almost as educated as men because they were expected to take care of their interests and those of their husbands when the men were away at war, a regular occurrence in Spartan life. Woman could not participate in politics, but were allowed to own their own property.