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And that means our country and taxpayer funded services too!!!! Why are illegal, Spanish/Arabic/Vietnamese/etc speaking children allowed in our schools and government funded medical programs???? Do you know how much of your tax $$$$ are wasted on these people who have no intention to "melt" into our melting pot??? How much it costs us to provide everything they demand in multiple languages? Trillions!! They are here to ROB REAL AMERICANS!!! Time for this crap to stop!!!


The smarter you are the less you speak. ~Arabic proverb.. . .( Sounds good to me!! And to think..all this time, I thought I was just terminally shy!!)


Useful Arabic Phrases and common sentences for Morocco

Morocco is an Arabic speaking country. Most Moroccan's speak at least a little French except in some of the more remote locations. In some areas of Morocco, Berber is the native language. Now I'm not suggesting you need to learn Arabic, French and Berber. That'd take some doing. But when you greet a Moroccan in Arabic, a whole new world of experiences will open up to you. You don't need to be fluent, not by any stretch. If you have just a few useful Arabic phrases, you will have some…


Get the Arabic word for "thank you" as a thank you towards those who have done something towards you in your life. Maybe helping you, being there for you, hurting you, doing just about anything because without anyone doing what they did, you wouldn't be where you are today.