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Not only a tool for hunting and fishing, but in a situation that requires stealth, when no gun powder is available, no shells, maybe no guns/rifles etc, this could make a big difference in survival situations.

62 How To Make A Very Simple Atlatl Or Ancient Spear Thrower Tutorial - In this Badger Bushcraft Blog article Phil Brown will be showing you how to make a very simple atlatl or ancient spear thrower in a easy to follow step by step tutorial.


This stone carving depicts an ancient Maya man carrying a spear and a spear thrower. Tamayo museum of Oaxaca


New analysis of two spear-throwers excavated nearly a century ago in the Ozark Mountains reveals what one archaeologist calls an “uncanny” similarity to those used in the ancient Southwest and Mesoamerica. One of the artifacts — an intact carved wooden spear thrower, or atlatl — was first described in the 1920s, when it was found under a rock outcrop known as the Alred Shelter in northwestern Arkansas.