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What Is the Rank Correlation Coefficient?

What Is the Rank Correlation Coefficient?: The formula for Spearman's rank correlation coefficient involves the differences <I>d<sub>I</sub></I> between two sets of <I>n</I> rankings.


Kendall's Tau is a measure of correlation non-parametric Kendall's Tau used to measure the ordinal association Kendall's Tau is a measure of rank correlation Kendall's Tau distribution has better statistical properties Kendall's Tau represents a probability Kendall's Tau is equivalent to Spearman’s Rho Kendall's Tau is equivalent to Pearson’s correlation coefficient ‘r’ Kendall's Tau ranges between plus and minus one Kendall's Tau used for hypothesis testing Kendall's Tau used even whe


Charles Edward Spearman, FRS was an English psychologist known for work in statistics, as a pioneer of factor analysis, and for Spearman's rank correlation coefficient.


Google Makes Social Signals Top Factor for Organic SERP Rank - Presenting the correlations using Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient, this newly released research data was used to determine that Google +1's (0.4) have easily the highest correlation with Google organic SERP Rank. This is closely followed by number of backlinks, Facebook shares, and Facebook total (summary of shares, likes and comments), each at 0.34. The same study published last year, looked at 21 factors...