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35 Secrets of Being a Special Needs Parent

THE MIGHTY: 35 Secrets of Being a Special Needs Parent - Quote #9

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To The Mommas of The Special Ones on The Hard Days

This post was written by a mom of a little boy with special needs. She really captures what it feels like and makes other moms feel understood.

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Wow, what a reaction to this article! Hope it encourages #specialneeds parents! via

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Bible Verses for Special Needs Moms

Bible verses to encourage special needs moms

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The Unique Grief of Special Needs Parents

The Unique Grief of Special Needs ...hits home! !

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Dear Special Needs Mom: When You Feel Like a Failure, You're ANYTHING But

Special needs mom out there working hard and fighting battles to make sure your kiddo gets what he or she needs: it is a hard struggle but YOU are NOT a failure! Keep up the good fight!

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Parents who have children with special needs also have special needs.

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31 Truths Parents of Children With Special Needs Wish Others Understood

spk melissa #autism "oh, he looks normal" is NOT a compliment.

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Are you a family of a child with special or medical needs? Do you know someone who is? Then this is the must have resource for grants for medical equipment such as wheelchairs or adaptive bikes, grants to help with medical costs, wish organizations and other ways you can brighten up your child’s day. I... Read More »

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List of Patron Saints for Moms

Special needs moms ❤️

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