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19 Funny Animal Pics for Your Wednesday


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Dhole by James Selwood ~ The dhole (Cuon alpinus) is a species of wild dog from southern Asia. It's an unusual canid, living in highly social packs. Though threatened with extinction, so far it has received very little attention. Unlike the wolf or African hunting dog, few people have even heard of it.


Wolves of the world . One thing, though. Ethiopian wolves are canids, but not actual members of the wolf species. All true wolves (including domestic dogs) are listed under CANIS LUPUS, while the Ethiopian wolf is listed under CANIS SIMENSIS.

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Animals You've Never Heard Of - D Edition

The Dhole also called the Asiatic wild dog or Indian wild dog, is a species of canid native to South and Southeast Asia. The dholes are classed as endangered by the IUCN, due to ongoing habitat loss, depletion of its prey base, competition from other predators, persecution and possibly diseases from domestic and feral dogs. In the summer the dhole reverts to his darker, sleeker coat.


staffordshire bull terriers, taken in the 1939's and before. So they are not this new species of dogs that fight, and just because of their muscualr selves, doesn't ,,mean they are made to fight. THY DO SO MUCH MORE, AND SO LONG AGO!!!


African Painted Dog Pup by "Suddenly they were there, lean, ghost like shapes in the moonlight with Mickey Mouse ears; wearing their dappled coats of black, tan and gold, like ink spots on blotting paper. Only a new day would reveal their full beauty. Only Man could hope to prevent their extinction." #Animals #Painted_Dog