Many typical store sunscreens contain carcinogens that can cause skin cancer. Worse yet, people rub these carcinogens before they go into the sun. This sunscreen is all natural and free of any harmful ingredients.

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coconut oil smoothie. I add a teaspoon or two to a whey protein smoothie. Using mango with it taste great! Like a Tropical smoothie. Also I use trader joes coconut oil for smoothies and spectrum coconut oil for cooking.

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This is my go-to baking fat of choice. No dairy, no soy. Good texture. And it even works to make a "buttercream" frosting! Just whip with confectioners sugar.

Spectrum Naturals Organic Refined Coconut Oil - Case of 1 - 14 Fl oz. (Pack of 3)

"Last but not least I am obsessed with the coconut body oil from Spectrum. I buy it at Whole Foods. It's completely natural and leaves the skin incredibly soft." Spectrum Coconut Oil, $12; -

DIY: Non-Toxic Full Spectrum Coconut Oil Sunscreen

This week on Tween Tuesday, we're making some Kool Aid Lip Balm. We looked at several options and decided Kool Aid would be most fun!

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I am addicted to this stuff! Yes you can cook with it, but you can also keep a jar in your shower to use as the most awesome moistruizer ever for your body & "tropical" smell either...and the best part is, you can find it in the baking supply section of the grocery store for around six bucks! : ) Spectrum Naturals - Coconut Oil Organic, 14 oz liquid

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Spectrum Naturals: Expeller Pressed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 14 Fl Oz ~ Have to get some of this for my hair. Lots of people recommend for moisturizing hair.

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