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Speech resource

FREE 100 trial winter articulation for speech therapy! Perfect worksheets to get lots of productions for /r/, /s/, and /l/!

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Hot Chocolate Sentences

Winter Speech Therapy! Use these marshmallows to describe pictures on hot chocolate mugs to work on expanding utterances using subject/verb and subject/verb/object sentence structure, syntax, personal pronouns, subject-verb agreement, and present progressive verb tense.

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Parts of Speech Practice Activity or Center

Color-coding parts of speech with markers makes an otherwise dry topic engaging!

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Complex verbal directions - directional, temporal, multiple, conditional. FREE

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20 Parts of Speech Resources That You Should Know About - A handy tool for the classroom

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FREEBIE! These Winter Spin, Say & Color Articulation worksheets can be used in speech therapy or you can send them home for homework! Targets the initial /th/ sound.

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A open ended winter FREEBIE from me {Mia McDaniel} to YOU! Thank you for your continued support of my little TpT shop!

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