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It would be fun to have a go at making something like this cushion, because I certainly wouldn't be paying the price they're asking.

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Eye Halve A Spelling Checker

"Eye Halve A Spelling Checker" <--- it hurts us, precious. @Toni Mueller ....I read it just fine. I swear Dad taught us a new language. :)

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Microsoft to add a touch of dialect to Office

Microsoft to add a touch of dialect to Office | Microsoft's project to create downloadable regional directories to reflect the UK's dialect heritage is nearing completion. Thousands of users around the UK have so far submitted their favourite regional dialect words to Microsoft Buying advice from the leading technology site

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Emma 2009: Episode Three

well, it's true...If I didn't care, I wouldn't tell you or try to help you improve yourself.


VeritySpell is a unique spellchecker capable of correcting serious spelling mistakes, mistakes involving confusable words and simple grammar mistakes in English texts. It is specially designed for people with various reading and writing difficulties and dyslexia, and it offers considerably better support than ordinary, built-in spellcheckers and language checkers. VeritySpell is available on Mac, PC and for Google Docs.


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