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This inspired me to redo my spice drawer. Crate & Barrel sales these cute spice jars. I made the labels with a label maker. I changed it up a Iittle by placing the name of the spice on the top instead of on the side and I put the expiration dates on the bottom. Then placed in a drawer near my stove. It so colorful.


Hold the salt. Made of mango wood, our Wood + Copper Salt Cellar is easily accessible for cooking and keeps crystals fresh and moisture-free with its copper plated lid.


Mini Oval Spice-Herb Jars with Clamp Set of 12

Love these to organize spices. Replace all those odds and ends sizes of spice containers with these, and place all the uniform containers on a Lazy Susan in the cabinet for an organized, easy way to see everything you have. No more emergency trips to the store in the middle of baking because you didn't notice you ere almost out of 'spice you really need suddenly'. OvalClampTopHerbJarS12OT7


For all those who RV, put spices and seasonings in a bead storage container found at your local craft stores.