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Brown Spider Monkey - Ateles hybridus - Found in very restricted habitats, canopies of undisturbed (primary) forests, this monkey is of the family Atelidae. It is critically endangered as its habitats are being destroyed (98%), and it is estimated that 80% of its population has been extirpated


BLACK SPIDER MONKEYAteles fusciceps©Michael Carroll Spider monkeys are New World Monkeys which are found in tropical forests of Central and South America, from southern Mexico to Brazil. The genus contains seven species, all of which are under threat; the Black-headed Spider Monkey and Brown Spider Monkey are critically endangered. The disproportionately long limbs and long prehensile tail makes them one of the largest New World monkeys and gives rise to their common name. Spider monkeys…


You always wanted a pet monkey. The Spider Monkey is strong, nimble, and not afraid of heights. Kick back and use your tablet in bed or on the couch, while the Spider Monkey holds your screen hands-free at eye-level


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