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“Will you walk into my parlour?” said the Spider to the Fly, 'Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy; The way into my parlour is up a winding stair, And I've a many curious things to show when you are there.” “Oh no, no,” said the little Fly, “to ask me is in vain, For who goes up your winding stair -can ne'er come down again.”

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Simple Machine STEM

This is a fun STEM Challenge for Halloween or all year long! Use simple machines to create a spider trap for Little Miss Muffet. A nursery rhyme twist for grades 3-5! This is also part of a bundle: www.teacherspayte... More Than a Worksheet $

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Spiders teach us patience, seclusion in the midst of chaos, honorable violence, and parental sacrifice

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6 Terrifying Spiders That Will Haunt Your Dreams

6 Terrifying Spiders That Will Haunt Your Dreams | Ravine Trapdoor Spider's trap's ass!

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Spider: come il ragno produce la sua tela e poi la riassorbe, così la mente crea la propria visione del mondo e poi la annulla

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For more Trap Music & Follow @BakazMann SoundCloud Trap Music Radio Subscribe Slaughda Radio LLC YouTube:

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I told him not to mess with that trap. I don't know if anyone was trying to catch something but Clint messed up the trap. He thinks he is funny. I think I'm gonna leave him there for a while. :) lol

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How to Get Rid of Your 7 Most Hated Bugs

Somehow the Navy always sent us somewhere with bugs! - The go-to guide for getting rid of your 7 most hated bugs

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Chinese Finger Trap by Smile-Test on DeviantArt - This is really funny XD
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Oh hecccck naaawwww the devil is alive!!!

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