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U.S. Black Widow Spider, poisonous and dangerous. (also upside-down) << This spider actually seems to be a Red Back spider with the markings on it's back. They're easily confused with Black Widows due to the extremely similar coloring. ~Riley Arachnid

from Mail Online

Meet the Happy Face spider, the insect that will make even arachnophobics smile

The Happy-Face spider is found in the rainforests of the Hawaiian islands. The tiny arachnid is just a few millimetres big and said to be harmless to humans


Black-and-yellow Argiope. They come in so many colors and reach impressive sizes! They create vibrate webs when they feel threatened. The ziggy zag pattern in their web is their "shady porch" in the hot summer sun.


Goliath Bird-Eating Spider: I watched a programme on discovery channel once and it showed footage of one of these attacking and killing a fully grown chicken. A Freakin' Chicken! Pure filth.