I thought this was a corset! The cervical spinal cord. By removing the rear arches of the neck (cervical) vertebra & the fibrous covering (dura) over the spinal cord one sees the cervical spinal cord & its nerves. The blood vessels nourishing the cord & vertebral column & the origin of the cord from the brain are clearly shown. #POTS Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome #Dysautonomia #MrBowerbird

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Motor Impairment Related to Level of Spinal Cord Injury... thank you Frank Netter!

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Muscle spasms can occur in a person with a spinal cord injury any time the body is stimulated below the level of injury. This is usually noticeable when a muscle is stretched, or there is a painful stimulant below the level of injury. Because of the injury to the spinal cord, these sensations can trigger the reflex resulting in the muscle to contract or spasm.

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Spinal nerves in detail showing dorsal root ganglion ramus rami ventral root.

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