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I wish I had then when I first started. Very good information!

Do you love spinning class? Get these 10 stretches you should do for every class!

Spinning is a hugely popular cycling based exercise class. Keep reading to learn all about its health benefits... | See more about health benefits and spinning.

  • Alejandra Zavala

    spinning class has change my life, i was a zumba girls and still love zumba but i went to spin class for two months straight then just recently went to a zumba class and i could not believe how amazing i feel with all the leg control i had with myself,

The Best Pre- and Post- Workout Snacks - Don't let all of your hard work at spin class go to waste by eating or drinking things that won't make you feel—and look—your best. These superfoods will help you power through a tough sweat session and leave you ready for more tomorrow.

Spin Smarter: 9 Ways to Maximize Your Ride - I've been doing the Cycle class once/week lately (still new to it)...good tips.

50 Minute Spin Workout with a great playlist! Easy to do on your own.... If I did a spin class

A playlist to rock out to while doing VS Angel Alessandra Ambrosio's fave workout: Spinning!

Learn to Spin the Right Way! #spin #bike

Before you set up your spin bike for the first time, read these pro group cycling tips!

7 Reasons to Give Spinning Class a Try! #fitness #exercise #spin

Knittyspin Glossary: Spinning wheel spa: aka the caring and cleaning of your spinning wheel.

Want to learn how to spin your own yarn, but not ready to make the investment in a spinning wheel? A drop spindle is an easy, affordable way to start!

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Navajo Plying Yarn on a Spinning Wheel Holy mother of yarn, this handspun is GORGEOUS! ♥

What Are Spinning Wheel Ratios?-- what ratio is your wheel- instructions to determine

Even though I swore I'd never make socks again...I may have to make these...the heel is awesome

Schacht Spindle Blog: Let's Talk About Tension A guide to fine-tuning your tension to make the yarn you want.

Introduction to Spinning, Part 1 — by YouTube User Afranquemont — incredibly clear, step-by-step tutorials to teach you how to start spinning using a drop spindle.

  • Julie Hagan Bloch

    WOW! She explains *everything*! This woman is awesome! I'm just learning to use a drop spindle, and Jackie's explanations really help!

Tasha Tudor Spinning was the first paying job women had (16th century). Prior to the invention of the spinning wheel, they could only be supported by a man or family member. Spinning wheels made it so they could earn their own living - many women no longer needed to marry - thus the term "spinster" has described an un-married woman. I admire them greatly!

  • Lorraine Munoa

    This is not entirely true. There were an awful lot of jobs women did to employ themselves well before the 16th century, from mercenary soldiering to midwifing to beer brewing to healing to shoeing horses. The word spinster does come from it being a *common* form of employ for quite a while there.

  • Cait Pomeroy

    Spinning on a spindle takes considerably longer to spin up the same amount of yard that a wheel could produce with foot power. Women could spin more yarn, make more $ and be more independent.

  • Stella Lange

    Well before spinning wheels yarn and thread was spun on spindles ... So I don't get how the wheel changed women's role in society ....women have been employed in a variety of roles way before the spinning wheel was developed ...

Tuto N�60 : Learn How to Spin SPIN A THICK AND THIN SLUB YARN. Tutorial from Tricotin. It is in English, with clear pix. #spinning

5 Tips for Spinning a Consistent Yarn by askthebellwether

Do-it-yourself spinning wheel plans. Because Kristin wants one.

  • Scott Perkins

    Kristin Perkins Not sure when there will be room in the to-do list, but...