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Spire Meaning

Kercia Jane Handlettering and Design


"Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you know what that means! It means it’s time for us to go groveling to the Brown Stone Spire, thanking it for all that it has done, and all that it has mercifully not done! This is just a great time to get the family together, eat your fill, then crawl out through the sharp rocks and sand until your knees leave blood streaks on the barren earth, and you feel the Brown Stone Spire loom up before you." click through for the rest


Coral Spire® - Ludwigs Roses | The flowers on this rose are amazingly perfectly shaped & sufficiently large to be superb exhibition blooms or cut flowers. The colour is a clear, distinct coral-pink. The growth is very vigorous & neatly upright with large, leathery, deep green leaves as an additional decoration.