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20 Books To Help You Become More Spiritual

20 Books To Help You Become More Spiritual: Well, not all of them are Christian, but, on the other hand...


Sami Yusuf - You | Lyric Video 2016

"Fragile World" I know that I’m not alone What I’ve seen, has been seen before But it hurts just like a thorn A pain I’ve never felt before My heart says: “Just speak the truth” But my mind says: “Don’t be a fool” Need to get something off my mind Don’t let this silence be misunderstood I don’t know where my heart will take me But I know your light will protect me From this fragile world I don’t know where I’m destined to be Rich or poor, famous, loved or lonely But I know, witho

All Sons & Daughters - You Are Love & Love Alone (Lyric Video)


Harris J - I Promise | From the Album "Salam"

"Give The Young A Chance" Ours the future hold close For a time will come Deep in your heart there’s a river that flows All the way to Kingdom come Through the sandstorms where the high wind blows A desert road does bloom Please help me… Give the young a chance Lead them in the dance My people Give the young a chance To change their circumstance And so… And so… It’s written: As the moon shall turn the tides And as the stars shall light your ride Don’t listen to the words of f

I spent a thousand sleepless nights In wait of dreams I could not find I walked a thousand empty roads In search of signs to bring me home With every breath I spoke your name And heard it rolling in the waves Beneath a veil of ocean blue I broke illusion from the truth You said, walk to me and I’ll find you Call me and I’ll show you Hiding like a pearl for you To heal and guide you From deep inside you Hiding like a pearl for you And from the pulse beneath my skin You called m