negative space design from artist Ale M and beautiful color and design

Negative space: 18 brilliant examples

Flying far, far away This negative space design from illustrator and artist Ale M is a subtle and wholly beautiful offering that shows a splash of colour can make all the difference.

A splash of colour by Steven Ponsford

Splash of colour by Steven Ponsford - Im still experimenting with different stylesThis one is watercolour on rough paper and Indian ink 15 by ap.

Spray Bottle Art for Kids: a splash of colours and fun! This process art activity guarantees a lot of giggles.

Spray Bottle Art

DIY Kids Spray Bottle Art Experiment with abstract art using a spray bottle and paints. There are 2 methods for making kids’ spray bottle art: Spraying diluted paint Spraying water at watercolor paper- Make melting ice creams artworks

Rainbow See my art

I like this photo because the background is not distracting and its just B&W while there are many colors to the droplet with a very pretty shine making the image unique.