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I'm Not Spoiled...Just Well Loved

I'm not spoiled...just loved!! Your always appreciated Joseph :) love being ur #1 in your life!!!

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I take great pride in knowing that I can spoil myself, it proves that a woman does not need a man to spoil her, but it's an added bonus if he does.

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#ShareIG #selfmade Hustle hard ladies. Having a man that spoils you is amazing, and your man should treat you like a queen, but the ability to spoil yourself is the most rewarding of all. Work hard to make your dreams come true. Every. Single. Day.

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Our son was spoiled yes with material things but more importantly than that with love and attention. Bedtime stories every night no matter how big he got, kisses, hugs, foot rubs with baby lotion after a long shower, constant outings all revolved around him, an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, a boost of confidence, I literally spoon fed him if it's what he wanted...spoiled is so much more than material things!!!

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I intend to dwell in living in a life using the law of attraction. Watch GOD and the UNIVERSE work. #LOA

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