Spongebob i need it

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Other - Joshdude i really wasnt that drunk last night.are you sure? you took my dogs stuffed squirrell and threw it in the pool screaming SANDY! BIKINI BOTTOM NEEDS YOU!.....

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Even an idiot would know that sound of manic desperation in the middle of the night as the sound of someone procrastinating the hell out of it while they have work they desperately need to do. It's when I talk to most of my friends.

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Fred.I have always mocked you...it's just...I NEVER KNEW YOU KNOW?IM SO SORRY.I CANT *wipes tear* IM SORRY

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Everything is better if you say “at night” after it. | The 23 Wisest Things Spongebob Ever Said

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// please don't take this as hate. this is supposed to be funny and if any of you guys like Justin Bieber then this was not meant as hate. // Okay but yes. this is hilarious

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I loved that episode of SpongeBob. He tries to show his squirrel friend that he can survive sunlight, but he dries out so bad...

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