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13 campfire stories spooky enough to get your kids to snuggle close

Must pin to plan your camping trip! 13 campfire stories spooky enough to get your kids to snuggle close


Spooky Halloween tales that won't leave your kids screaming in the dark

For any time of year, we've found more than a dozen kid-appropriate spooky stories that your little ghouls and boys are bound to love. #Camping #Stories


Ghost Stories

This collection of children’s ghost stories is the perfect way to introduce young readers to the fun of being scared silly.


A Spooky Halloween Game

A Spooky Halloween Night Game. A game where kids close their eyes and draw a spooky Halloween scene as you read the story. When the story is done, they open their eyes and get to laugh at their pictures. Points are given for how they did.


Get into the Season with a Spine-Tingling Chapter Book

Oh, how I loved a spooky chapter book as a kid. I can remember reading this one in fifth grade and afterward lying in bed late at night with the covers clamped around my neck, scared out of my wits. And what time of year is better for a scary read than the season of ghouls and specters? We've taken a look at picture books specific to Halloween, and picture books about topics like bats and pumpkins that you can use to extend the season. Now, it's time to focus on books for bigger kids…