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AMBERT ALERT! Georgia: 2-year-old SORELLE TORREZ was allegedly abducted by her father, Zebidiah Lockette on May 17, 2013. A felony warrant for Kidnapping was issued for Lockette on May 17, 2013. They may still be traveling in a 2006 black Land Rover, Range Rover Sport, with Georgia license plate BYT0639. Lockette has family in Michigan and it is believed he may travel through Tennessee towards Michigan or may be heading towards Arkansas.


Texas (TX) Rangers Women's Tri-Blend V-Neck Shirt w/ Swarovski Crystals by Majestic Threads $44.99


9// Join a gym or health club to keep in shape during your rigorous independent studies. $25-$75 per month.


Laminaria shawl, free pattern by Elizabeth Freeman


Successful business people radiate a confidence that only comes after they overcome their fear ➡

Getting Out Alive: News Sport And Politics At The Bbc

New Haven Power Sports celebrates 40 years- The New Haven Register - Serving New Haven, Connecticut


Smart Carbs. Jill Manoff, Alive. It's not whether or not to eat carbs, it's about eating the right types of carbs at the right time of day. For the best results, eat starchy carbs early & have protein & veggies/less carbs for dinner. Your body needs carbs to function. Reduce your total carb intake without cutting them out entirely. Choose whole grain carbs, fruits & veggies, cut back on sugar intake & processed & chemically altered foods. Good carbs i.e. oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain…