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Sportacus Actor

Saying goodbye to Sportacus

Saying goodbye to Sportacus: It’s the end of an era. Magnus Scheving has announced he will no longer portray Sportacus, the heroic character he created many years ago. LazyTown will continue, and another actor will step into...


The one and only Magnús Örn Eyjólfsson Scheving - writer, actor, producer, entrepreneur, and athlete. He is the creator and co-star of the children's television show #LazyTown, in which he starred as #Sportacus and all round incredible game changer, BOOM!!! #iceland

Sportacus: Inspiration to kids, giving them motivation to exercise and eat healthy. Magnus Scheving: The hero behind Sportacus and Lazytown. He's actually working to change the world for the better, fighting against child obesity, and succeeding. I will honestly say that I consider him a hero.