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ESPECIALLY THE HAZEL ONE!!!! except I always remember the matching gray streaks... :-)

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Camp Jupiter - chiyokins on deviantART (Aesthetically, I'd prefer the lines for years of service being horizontal - that's the way I visualized it when I was reading.)

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You can't convince me SPQR doesn't stand for Super Perfect Queen Reyna.>>>Holy Crap yes

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Jason Grace SPQR - definitely want this as a tattoo. Probably less lines, though... And probably with Neptune's trident, instead of Jupiter's eagle

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SPQR Roman Legion tattoo, with "Legio IX Britannia" below it. Yes, I do realize the actual historical name of the Roman Legion that fought in Britiain was "Legio IX Hispana". However, I wanted to be creative about it and as a sign of respect, to both sides who fought and died in Britain during that time period, to rename it to what the Romans called the island, "Britannia".

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