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17 Ways to Master Expanding Foam Insulation

Stop Drafts—and Mice! - Plugging holes on the exterior of your house with foam is a great way to stop air infiltration, but it may not keep out pests. Mice can and will chew right through regular expanding foam, but there are formulas that stop insects and rodents. So the next time you plug exterior holes, choose foam labeled to resist pests.


17 Ways to Master Expanding Foam Insulation - Now’s the time to work on insulating your home before the temperatures dip down too low. Insulating gaps now is one of the best ways to ensure you’re not letting heat out or cold air in this winter. Your furnace will thank you and so will your wallet when the heating bill comes!


How To Install Spray Foam Insulation Diy - Do It by Yourself


Manzanita Madness!

setting branches in pots using spray foam ~ Add some moss to the top of the foam add lights and there you have it...Cheap decor


DIY Coral Reef prop/party décor! Things you'll need: Large cardboard/wood surface - lined with wax paper Wood dowels Can of spray foam Spray paint What you do: Place wood dowel on wax paper and secure with tape. Use spray foam to create organic free flowing motions that resemble coral. Note: Foam will expand so don't spray too much in one area. Let dry overnight. Carefully peel off wax paper. Then spray paint.


SUSTAINABILITY - Premium Spray Foam—Committed To Improved Air Quality And Sustainability

hold branches in a vase using spray insulating foam, better than plaster. Would work for Xmas or Easter or just 'because' for decoration!