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Spray Paint Stencil

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It's no big secret....I love spray paint. I learned how messy it can be when I had the job of repainting our lawn chairs as a teenager. Until 2006, I considered spray paint to be for refinishing furniture or red wagons. Then one weekend when I was away with friends for a self-imposed art retreat

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Man with Sunglasses framed painting stencil art,spray paints,card,dollar bills,fashion,pop art,urban,orange,cash,wall art,graffiti,streetart

Framed+pop+art+painting,+cash+rules+everything+around+me 9.5+by+13+inches+(+in+frame) Stencils+&+spray+paints+on+card+in+stawberry+red++sprayed+frame Spray+painted+strawberry+red+frame+with+a+hand+drawn,+hand+cut+stencil+and+spray+paint+on+card+inside Original+painting. Signed+da...

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Wild Horses nature scene spray paint stencil painting on canvas


Found old TV trays in the barn. Spray painted, stenciled, and hand painted like new!

Making a giant stamp to replace the spray-paint stencil. #cargobikebox #madsencycles #cardboard #cargobikes

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Spray Paint Stencil Art on Canvas Covered Board, Wall Art for Teen Boys, Darth Vader Star Wars Inspired Graffiti Painting

This is a 12 x 12 canvas with a spray paint background and Darth Vader stencil, all stencils were hand cut by me. Since this is spray paint it can

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Pop guns custom painting,stencil art,spray paint art,pop art,colourful,triple,design,hand cut,urban,hand made,home,living,canvas,American

warhol pop guns custom painting,stencils & spray paints,pop art,colourful,triple,design,hand cut, hand made,home, living,canvas,american by AbstractGraffitiShop on Etsy