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Maxi-Mist Sunless Spray Mate Tanning KIT + TENT Machine Airbrush Tan Air Brush by MaxiMist. Save 29 Off!. $225.10. Whether you are a seasoned professional, pursuing a new side business, or just want to bring your tanning costs under control, we have the sunless tanning spray kit that will allow you to get started right away. Oh and not only are these products top-of-the-line, but they are also affordable, so you get to enjoy premium results without tearing a hole in your pocket. ...


This Spray Tanning eBook Will Help You Increase Your Beauty Skills! INCLUDES: Setup instructions and tips, Equipment recommendations, links & coupon codes to save on startup costs, Signature Kona Tanning poses used in the real studio, Katie’s supermodel favorite “cheekbone contouring,” Printable face chart to practice face tanning, Detailed, elaborate instructions to learn how to apply the perfect airbrushed tan every time, Tips for working with body challenges! #spraytan #sunlesstanner


Figure or Physique Bodybuilding Competition Suit Custom designed suit by Vizion Wear Couture original cost $500 (If you compete then you know his stuff) C cup without the inserts, but fits a B. A friend used this suit she was barely an A cup and used inserts and it looked great. Bottoms are medium with a Brazilian Rio cut. The pictures do NOT DO IT JUSTICE - it's so blingy! Theres some staining on the inside from spray tanning, but that's to be expected on a pre-owned competition suit. This…

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Michael Kors White & Diamond Watch

Michael Kors White & Diamond Watch 💎💎💎 Michael Kors white watch with inlay that looks like pearl and diamond circumference. Comes in original Michael Kors watch box. The white around the clasp has some discoloration (orange - from wearing right after having a spray tan), but this is not noticeable while wearing. Also needs a new battery. I've taken this into consideration and reduced the price (battery will only cost $7). Loved wearing this with gym clothes as a casual watch! Offers…

Apollo Mini-Mist Sunless Spray Tanning System with Ocean DHA Solution Sunless Tanning Variety Sampler Pack (4 Solutions - 1 Pint Total) and Accessories Set by Apollo. $309.96. Tanning solution goes on smoothly and gently in a fine layer. The Mini-Mist is easy to use, and highly cost effective. The Mini-Mist® mighty powerful motor produces a high volume of air (CFM) at a very low pressure PSI. The Mini-Mist System is Portable, Affordable and Reliable. Our Mini-Mist A...

Quick Guest Bath Makeover - Total Cost: $240 - Chocolate Brown, Blue & Tan