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Refrigerator Magnet with Springer Spaniel - Spring Break - Springer Spaniel Gifts Fridge Dog Refrigerator Magnet

Springer Spaniel Magnet Springer Spaniels love to find the nearest couch and make every afternoon a "Spring Break."• Pop Doggie magnets are Made in the USA out of metal with a...

Welsh Springer Spaniel - A compact dog built for hard work, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is a distinct breed, not a variety of the English Springer Spaniel. With his excellent nose and slightly webbed feet, the breed is a versatile hunter, water dog and retriever. Their trademark coat is a striking red and white in color.


English Springer Spaniel puppies -- Not sure why they did not make a list of SMART dogs since our current one and her predecessor both have/had brains to spare and then some!