DIY sprinkler head repair tutorial with step by step pics. Great info to stash away for when you need it!

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Check out this project on RYOBI Nation - My son needed an outdoor play area away from TV, iPads and iPods so I conceieved an open concept pergola with plenty of toy storage and water entertainment. A Copper pipe manifold with a rich patina (from Miracle Grow) feeds two floor jets with interchangeable sprayers and a bucket of PVC fittings allows him to build his own water features like Legos. A dump bucket, garden hose, shower head, and three sprinkler heads are individually controlled by…

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Concrete Donuts - For Sprinkler Head Protection

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Concrete Donuts - For Sprinkler Head Protection

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Scoop out the dirt - Replacing Broken Lawn Sprinkler Heads It’s pretty easy to damage a sprinkler head with your mower if the head sits too high. Read more:

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These are great concrete sprinkler head protectors. Protects our sprinkler heads from lawn crew and vehicle damage.

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