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Gluten Can Trigger Autoimmune Attack: Thyroid disorders; Neurological problems; Fibromyalgia; Celiac sprue disease; Skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema; Arthritis; And chronic pain.


Is Living Gluten-Free Healthy -- Celiac Sprue Disease Natural Health Blog-As you shop down the snack aisle in the supermarket, you may notice that the packaging of your favorite chips now describes them as gluten-free. Should you be concerned about gluten content if you haven't been diagnosed with celiac-sprue disease? Possibly, but probably not as concerned as food manufacturers want you to be in their quest for finding marketing niches and selling as much of their product as possible.


DIAGNOSIS: HURT ALL OVER Interesting article that might help you consider another diagnosis for your pain; etc. If having a hard time figuring it out.


Gilda the Gluten Free Mouse: A Story About Living Gloriously With Celiac Sprue Disease by Patricia Teague


Did you know: According to the Celiac Sprue Association1, there is no cure for celiac disease, the only effective treatment for this disorder is a gluten-free diet? ‪