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Should we be worried about election hacking?

Should we be worried about election hacking? -

Sasheer Zamata Says Women's Rights Still a BFD! Actress & comedian Sasheer Zamata, known for her breakout role on the cast of Saturday Night Live, is the ACLU celebrity ambassador for women's rights.


Avoid Open SQL queries in loops - The rule searches for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, MODIFY, DELETE statements that are contained in loops. These loops are: - SELECT ... ENDSELECT - LOOP ... ENDLOOP - DO ... ENDDO - WHILE ... ENDWHILE - PROVIDE ... ENDPROVIDE


NASA Helps Launch Data Science Grad Program

The way that computing is done is changing dramatically.  Instead of a program with a finite input, we now have programs with infinite streams as inputs. W

Dr. Dallas Snider MSSQLTips author and Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of West Florida.