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Sql Exists

Big Data refers to a large set of data too complex to be handled by conventional database management tools. It’s data that exists beyond your web analytics, ERP, or CRM databases. It often exists outside of your organization, think of customer sentiment and social sharing data owned by Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, or competitive pricing data from comparison shopping engines.


The Way of the Dice - The dice giveth, and the dice taketh away Here's our own tabletop gaming spin on the yin-yang symbol, properly known as the Taijitu, or "diagram of supreme ultimate." The critical on both ends, which cannot exist individually without the other. Try to keep that in mind the next time you roll a 1.


Awesome #infographic @Regrann from @elevateitnow - Gooooooood Morning Friends and Fans and Happy Thursday! Are you digging the Marketing and Sales Funnel I created this morning? I do – that’s a lot of brain power for one post but one that had to be done. I see discussions about the importance of this funnel and today I am discussing it in terms we use it @elevateitnow since we are Inbound Marketing all the way. I don’t believe in interrupting anyone’s busy day to talk to them about our…

Tip of the Day - New Drop If Exists Syntax in SQL Server 2016


Avoid Using COUNT() in SQL When You Could Use EXISTS()

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School Days literally takes the cake with the most suprising ending


#Wordpress WordPress Plugin Fixes SQL Injection Flaw That Let Attackers Dump Site Passwords An SQL injection vulnerability exists in the Ninja Forms WordPress plugin that is both easy to exploit and allows an attacker to dump quite a lot sensitive information from affected sites. Best Wordpress =

#Wordpress WordPress Plugin 'Ninja Forms' SQL Injection Flaw That was used by Hackers to Dump Site Passwords gets fixed In the Ninja Forms WordPress plugin, there exists an SQL Injection Flaw. The vulnerability can be exploited very easily. Once a site gets infected, a hacker can quite easily dump sensitive information in a great deal. WordPress Design -

Know the best solution to fix the error in MS Access, and also make use of the automatic solution to fix the error.