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My kids never quite grasped that to find one side of a square you need to find the square root of the area... I like this for them! :)

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Square Root and Cube Root Foldable

Help your students understand the meaning of square roots and cube roots with this foldable and guided worksheet. I have students make squares and cubes using

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CCSS 8.NS.A.1 & 8.NS.A.2 - Irrational and Rational Numbers Stations

$ CCSS 8.NS.1 & 8.NS.2 - Irrational and Rational Numbers Stations (20 Problems); Topics: Approximate Irrational Numbers (square roots); Complete a table of squares or square roots; graph rational and irrational numbers on the number line; order rational and irrational numbers (including square roots) from least to greatest; determine whether numbers are rational or irrational; defining rational and irrational numbers; show examples of rational and irrational numbers


Square root worksheets: Find the square root of whole numbers, fractions and decimals; Square root charts for teachers and homeschooling

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Digital Interactive Math PreCalculus or Algebra 2 Gigantic Graph Matching

PreCalculus Transformations of Functions - Use it with Google Slides or Print and Cut - Absolute Value, Cubic, Square Root, Reciprocal


Algebra 2 Idea: Design a picture using Piecewise Functions - maybe use toward the end of the year and require that all function types studied be included!


Do you understand the concept of a perfect square and a square root? On this animated common core algebra lesson, we explore these concepts visually and in-depth. This lesson is aligned with the common core standards for Algebra and was designed with flipped classroom teachers and visual learners in mind! Check out our ever-growing library of lessons and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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Square Root Function Graph Trasformation - Card Matching Game - Activity

Square Root Function Graph Trasformation - Card Matching Game - Activity. My students find this activity a great way to learn all of the transformations of the square function. I give each student their own set (only 2 pages to print) or you can laminate a set for the classroom. The first page is great to learn all of the basic transformations, while the second page incorporates a combination of translations.