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St Bernadette Body

SAINT BERNADETTE Intact, as if she had just gone to sleep, and awaits only the angel's call to rise to her feet. God did not want her to escape totally from our human wretchedness, nor leave her brothers and sisters for whom she gave her life. She is still among us — A. Ravier, S.J.


St. Bernadette - She died in 1879, but her hair and nails are still growing. Wax coverings on the body represent how her hands and face looked at the time of her death.


Why do Catholics keep saint’s bones, hair, clothes or even their blood in gold shiny boxes? Didn’t God condemn idolatry? While many (both Protestants and Catholics alike) are often confused by the …


A closer view from 1925 ... Her face reflects peace and an awaiting of the resurrection, and her prayers for us, still on our earthly pilgrimage. These are qualities that even the finest wax artist falls short of creating.


St. Bernadette - Was born at Lourdes, France. One Thursday, February 11, 1858, when she was sent with her younger sister and a friend to gather firewood, a very beautiful Lady appeared to her above a rose bush in a grotto called Massabielle. She told Bernadette that she should prah for sinners, do pennance, and have a chapel built there in her honor. (One of my favorite stories, and Saint.)