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St Cecelia

St. Cecilia. Antique Catholic prayer card to St. Cecelia. The scroll reads “Cantantibus organis Cecilia virgo decantabat dicens Fiat cor meum immaculatum” (see Page Two for more). - Pinterest


Feast Day-Nov. 23: Saint Cecilia - Patroness of Ecclesiastical Music - Every Day is a Gift | Awestruck.


St. Cecilia - Martyr, Patroness of Church Music; Feast: November 22 St. Cecilia, glorious Virgin and Martyr of Jesus Christ, I admire the courage with which you professed your faith in the face of severe persecution, and the generous love with which you offered your life in witness to your belief in the Blessed Trinity. I thank God with you for the wonderful graces He had bestowed upon you to make your life holy and pleasing to Him even in the midst of the wealth that was yours.