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St Genevieve

STE. GENEVIEVE - PATRON SAINT OF PARIS ON Pont de la Tournelle (bridge) - Paris 4e


Chapel St Genevieve / OBIKA Architecture

Built by OBIKA Architecture in Saint-Maurice-sous-les-Côtes, France with date Images by Nicolas Waltefaugle. At the heart of the Natural Park of Lorraine, the Sainte-Genevieve chapel can be found through the hiking trails near...


When Saint Genevieve (Paris 5th-6th cent) was ten, St. Germanus of Auxerre said she could intercede for many before God. As there were no convents, she lived in a cell in her house, gave all to the poor, and rebuked their oppressors. Each Sunday she walked to church with relatives and many pious people, holding a candle. When they blew out, they re-lit spontaneously in her hand. Genevieve's wonderworking relics were burned and thrown in the Seine by 1793 revolutionaries. She is celebrated…


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